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Strong Performance Chiropractic is the only practice in the state of Georgia that specifically focuses on the individual functional movement and biophysics of a patient's spine. Learn More about what makes SPC different.


Dr. Chanelle Poulin (left) and Dr. Samantha Menton (right) are co-owners and the Doctors of SPC. ​ Learn more about their training, certifications, and how Strong Performance Chiropractic was created.
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What Makes SPC Different?

About SPC

Chiropractic Biophysics

Functional movement

Strong Performance Chiropractic is a spinal rehabilitation facility that utilizes evidence based corrective chiropractic care, functional movement systems, Graston Technique, and postural analysis. 

Dr. Samantha Menton and Dr. Chanelle Poulin take a goal oriented approach, which focuses on creating a specific care plan for every individual patient in order to reach the desired outcome.

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Through different stresses in life, the spine becomes injured and can shift out of place. Once the spine is out of its normal alignment, it will not return to its optimal neutral position without help. In these cases, the doctors of Strong Performance Chiropractic implement CBP in order to restore the normal structure to a patient’s spine. This technique involves other services such as radiographic and postural analysis. CBP allows the doctors to treat the underlying cause of dysfunction for the patient.  

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​Functional Movement Systems involves both Functional Movement Screening (FMS) and Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA). These two systems are designed to assess full body movement patterns. The tests involved in these assessments help the doctor determine what area of the body is compensating for an another injured or improperly moving joint. Specific corrective exercises are prescribed for the patient based off the outcomes of the FMS or SFMA. 

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